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Get ready to embark on a thrilling sci-fi adventure like no other with Enoch: Children of Fate, a point-and-click game inspired by classic genre favorites. Set in the year 2279, you'll take control of six different characters, each with their own struggles and goals.
Meet Arten Long, a criminal investigator battling her addictions and traumatic past, and John Nakanaga, a fellow investigator with the heart of a boy scout. Then there's Marcus Lavergne, the wealthy head of the Lavergne family and the main murder suspect, and his brother Trent, an officer in Cylinder A Milicia, often in conflict with his brother about his choices.
Rounding out the cast are Alice Nandi, one of the missing teenagers trying to escape a strange environment, and Swan, a cold-blooded killer with an unknown past.
As you play through the interrelated and overlapping storylines, you'll uncover a gripping mystery surrounding the murder of a low-level gang leader. With a nonlinear narrative that tells the story out of chronological order, you'll learn more about the plot, the characters, and their past with each chapter.
But that's not all - you'll also witness a boiling social conflict between classes aboard the station, with the vast majority of the population living in abject poverty in Cylinder B while a wealthy minority enjoy the spoils of an agricultural paradise in Cylinder A.
With stunning pixel art, fully voiced dialogue by professional voice actors, and immersive gameplay, Enoch: Children of Fate is a game that you won't want to miss. Join the adventure
today and uncover the truth behind the murder on Enoch Space Station.